Sunday, September 24, 2017
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About Us

The OGPnetwork is an online portal created by Boston Strategies International to help oil, gas and power generation companies meet new equipment and service suppliers faster. The energy industry is a dynamic industry and a company’s procurement needs can change rapidly due to new projects, unexpected failures, and changes to local content requirements. The OGPnetwork combined with the resources of Boston Strategies International enables buyers of equipment and services in the oil & gas and power industries to quickly locate specific types of suppliers in various regions. When more detailed information about suppliers or tenders are required, we also offer custom made products such as detailed company profiles, market studies, and supply chain management seminars.

The OGPnetwork is a response to the growing need to accelerate local supplier development to support oil & gas and power generation projects in fast growing economies such as Brazil, China, India, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Many countries have passed stringent local content regulations requiring greater levels of in-country sourcing, often in a domestic market where local equipment and service suppliers are either unverified or have underdeveloped marketing channels. The OGPnetwork provides buyers with detailed company profiles, independent ratings of suppliers by product category and country, and creates a central marketplace for vender search, review, and selection, leading to 10 times faster access to overseas partners compared to traditional sales channels and purely internet-based resources.

The website’s main purpose is to facilitate communication between equipment and service buyers and their respective suppliers. It currently features more than 2,000 suppliers servicing oil, gas and power generation companies globally. The OGPnetwork also offers users the option to receive relevant tenders by email and get notified about new suppliers in their respective country/region.



Boston Strategies International (BSI) is the world leader in supply chain management for the oil & gas, power generation, and renewable energy industries. BSI’s clients include major energy companies such as Saudi Aramco, Chevron, and Vattenfall.

BSI’s core services and solutions include:

  • Supply Risk Mitigation– a market intelligence solution that saves buyers money and helps them avoid costly mistakes by recommending timely procurement actions and technology strategies for 172 industry-specific engineered products and services, including in rapidly changing supply markets, such as hydraulic fracturing.
  • Partner Selection and Development– a 12-step process that helps high-quality, proven suppliers meet buyers that need local content in emerging markets and emerging industries, such as wind energy.
  • Negotiation Support– advisory services that combine analytics and industry experience to help leaders negotiate win-win framework agreements for external expenditures in categories such as offshore and deepwater drilling rig equipment and services.
  • Operational Alignment– onsite consulting services that help industry leaders and their international partners achieve bottom-line benefits through integrated operations management.