The largest deserts on this planet are arid area typically receiving lower than 250mm (10 inches) of precipitation a yr.
It is estimated that about one third of the land floor of the earth is both arid or semi-arid. The deserts discovered on Earth are extraordinarily numerous, every distinctive in their very own method. Because of the range of deserts below this definition, they’ve been break up into sub-regions: Sub-Tropical Deserts, Cool Coastal Deserts, Cold Winter Deserts, and Polar Deserts. However, two major classes could be distinguished: the polar deserts and the non-polar deserts.
The largest desert on this planet is a polar desert extending throughout 14,000,000 km2: Antarctica. Located across the South Pole, it’s the driest, windiest, and coldest continent on earth. The entirety of Antarctica is a desert – the continent receives lower than 200mm of precipitation yearly.
The world’s second largest desert can be a polar desert: the Arctic desert. It stretches throughout the northern components of Russia, Canada, Greenland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
The Sahara Desert, the third largest desert on this planet, is the world’s largest non-polar desert. It is a sizzling desert overlaying a floor of about 9,000,000 km2. The Sahara extends from the Atlantic Ocean within the west, to the Mediterranean within the north and to the Red Sea within the east. There are 10 nations in Africa which have some a part of their nation within the Sahara desert. It has a few of the largest sand dunes on this planet.
The ten best deserts on this planet are as follows:

  1. Antarctica
  2. Arctic
  3. Sahara
  4. Arabian Desert (UAE and Gulf nations)
  5. Gobi Desert (Mongolia an China)
  6. Kalahari Desert (Southern Africa)
  7. Great Victoria Desert (Australia)
  8. Patagonian desert (Argentina and Chile)
  9. Syrian Desert (Iraq, Jordan, Syria)
  10. Great Basin Desert (USA)
    (Image: Antarctica desert seen from house/NASA)

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