Hawaiian Patriot was a 846 ft lengthy tanker powered by a single 23,000 hp diesel engine. The ship was inbuilt 1965 by Mitsui Bussan as Borgila for Fred. Olsen & Co. In 1973, she was bought to Marine Transport Lines and renamed Oswego Patriot, and in 1975 Indo-Pacific Carriers bought her and gave her the title Hawaiian Patriot.
On 23th February 1977, Hawaiian Patriot totally loaded with 99,000 tonnes of sunshine Indonesian crude oil, en route from Indonesia to Honolulu, reported a crack in her hull plating throughout a storm which resulted in a leak of oil from the cargo holds roughly 360 miles west of Hawaii. The US Coast Guard mentioned the outlet within the vessel could have been brought on by the lack of a complete hull plate.
The following day as 18,000 tonnes of oil had leaked into the ocean, the tanker suffered an enormous explosion and the crew deserted the ship, which burnt fiercely for a number of hours earlier than sinking. The service provider ship Philippine Bataan rescued 38 of the boys who leaped into 5?foot seas from the flaming vessel. One crewman died. Those aboard the rescue vessel have been reported to have suffered solely minor accidents.
On February 25, The New York Times reported “a C?130 reconnaisance aircraft was over the ship when caught fireplace. The pilot mentioned smoke was seen amidships a couple of minutes earlier than the explosion, and the crew could possibly be seen abandoning ship. Seconds later, the pilot reported, there was a terrific explosion and an enormous cloud of black smoke.”
The resultant oil slick, which was estimated to comprise about 50,000 tonnes of oil was carried westward away from Hawaii by ocean currents and didn’t lead to air pollution issues on land. The slick was saved below surveillance. No response to the oil spill occurred because the oil dissipated naturally.
(Source: ITOPF/Wikipedia/New York Times – Image The Borglia tanker later renamed Hawaiian Patriot)

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