Lake Maracaibo is a semi-closed salty bay that feeds into the Gulf of Venezuela, which merges into the Caribbean Sea. The Bolivar Coastal Field situated on the japanese margin of the lake is the biggest oil discipline in South America with its 7,000 wells and forest of associated derricks. It stretches thirty-five miles alongside the north-east coast of Lake Maracaibo and is the biggest oil discipline outdoors of the Middle East.
Historical notes say that the Spanish conquerors upon their arrival within the 16th century discovered from the indigenous folks to make use of the naturally occurring bitumen for caulking their ships and for treating their weapons. The port city of Maracaibo was based in 1529 and the primary documented cargo of petroleum from Venezuela was in 1539 when a single barrel of oil was despatched to Spain to alleviate the gout of Emperor Charles V.
The first wells had been drilled solely within the early 1910s.
The U.S. primarily based General Asphalt Co. carried out the primary geological investigations on the east shore of Lake Maracaibo however offered its concession to Shell in 1912.
On 15 April 1914, the primary Venezuelan oilfield of significance, Mene Grande, was found by Caribbean Petroleum (later acquired by Shell) upon the completion of the Zumaque-I effectively on the east shore of the lake Maracaibo. From 1914 to 1917, a number of extra oil fields had been found throughout the nation; by the top of 1917 the primary refining operations had been carried out on the San Lorenzo refinery.By 1929, Venezuela was the second largest oil producing nation (behind solely the United States) and the biggest oil exporter on this planet. Venezuela as soon as the fifth largest oil exporting nation on this planet is right this moment the 11th. Venezuela’s oil manufacturing picked in 1997 with three.three million barrels of oil a day.

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