To prolong the effectiveness of our Vessels and Project and to make them extra aggressive, OffshoreTronic has developed and added a brand new game-changing ADD-ON to its present Vessel.
With this new transportation and set up technique the corporate will present massive price financial savings by using the identical Vessel unit for the set up of all sort of foundations and for the transportation and set up of construct generators as one single unit.
With this idea OffshoreTronic goals to move and set up two full completed wind generators as much as 11 MW, in a single single journey with a Cost financial savings of round 40% in operational time and round 15% in Fuel consumption.
For bigger Turbines OffshoreTronic can set up the Mast and the Nacelle as one single unit while blades may very well be put in with small measurement Jackup Vessel in help mode.
Large price financial savings by using the identical Vessel for set up for foundations and for transportation and set up of two compete Turbines by:
• Faster Installation time as no Jacking operations might be wanted and sooner load and unload time of Turbines onshore and offshore. Our simulations and calculation present a 40% discount in Installation time and 15% in Fuel financial savings primarily based on Six 10MW Turbine set up and 12 hours Transport time for Port.
• Extensive Commissioning of the whole Wind Turbine will be accomplished onshore with lowered price.
• No want to rent excessive spec Jack-up Vessel, as a smaller and cheaper Jack-up Vessel can carry out the ultimate Turbine blade installations in help mode. (solely required for Turbines Larger than 10-11 MW).
• Vessel and new idea might be a wonderful platform for putting in Wind Turbines at new Floating wind farms.
• For distant areas just one single Vessel may very well be mobilized that may carry out all of the Installation works.
• Concept relies on re-using of present property with lowered Vessel constructing Capex and Fast Vessel supply time.
• Major Cost saver as just one Vessel might be wanted for all set up works. The design, setting up and provide of the ADD-ON Support Tower might be a fraction of the Cost of constructing a brand new Large Jack-up Vessel Type usually wanted to put in the Large Turbine elements as: Tower/Mast, Nacelle and Blades.
The predominant operate of the ADD-ON Support Tower is to keep away from any actions of the Crane growth and to help the Top and Bottom Gripper modules.
The ADD-ON Support Tower is modular and will be put in and eliminated by the Vessels personal Heavy Lift Mast Cranes. To enable for smaller and lighter Support Tower development all weight of the Turbine is supported on the Lower Support Beam and the Crane Boom wires and can give further load stability and help to the Support Tower. The lifting and reducing might be accomplished by the Mast Crane Main Winches. The Lifting and Active Heave Capability is ready to be 1200 mt.
(Source and picture: OffshoreTronic)


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