The 19 October, Michelle Starr from SCIENCE Alert reported, “In November 2018, after an epic, 41-year voyage, Voyager 2 lastly crossed the boundary that marked the restrict of the Sun’s affect and entered interstellar area. But the little probe’s mission isn’t completed but – it’s now sending house details about the area past the Solar System.
And it’s revealing one thing stunning. As Voyager 2 strikes farther and farther from the Sun, the density of area is growing.”

It’s not the primary time this density enhance has been detected. Voyager 1, which entered interstellar area in 2012, detected the same density gradient at a separate location.
Voyager 2’s new information present that not solely was Voyager 1’s detection legit, however that the rise in density could also be a large-scale function of the very native interstellar medium (VLIM).
The Solar System’s edge will be outlined by a couple of completely different boundaries, however the one crossed by the Voyager probes is named the heliopause, and it’s outlined by the photo voltaic wind.
This is a continuing supersonic wind of ionised plasma that streams out from the Sun in all instructions, and the heliopause is the purpose at which the outward stress of that wind is now not sturdy sufficient to push into the wind from interstellar area.
The area contained in the heliopause is the heliosphere, and the area outdoors it’s the VLIM. But the heliosphere isn’t a spherical sphere. It’s extra like an oval, with the Solar System at one finish, and a streaming tail behind; the “nostril” is pointed within the route of the Solar System’s orbit within the Milky Way.
Astrophysicists put ahead a number of hypotheses to clarify the rise within the density of area.
These hypotheses are printed in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. The astrophysicists hope that the Voyager spacecrafts “will have the ability to function far sufficient to tell apart between the completely different fashions.”
(Source: SCIENCE Alert – Image: NASA)

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