Problem primary in artificially lifted wells is an impossibility of operating Production Logging Survey whereas nicely is producing by BP, PCP, ESP pump except there’s a Y-tool or Dual-String put in as part of nicely completion. Lack of knowledge about reservoir efficiency, particularly when oil nicely produces a number of reservoir zones commingle, has a big destructive affect on well-reservoir administration, reserves growth.

North Side provides the MoveJet pump service by a compact Jet pump-based instrument which has a provision for wireline/slickline cable or coil tubing to run MPLT by it. MoveJet is run in gap on commonplace three.5” tubing on alternative foundation like a failed BP, PCP, ESP pump substitute workover. The Production Logging Survey is carried out by MoveJet in flowing mode the place the MoveJet pump works because the Jet pump lifting the nicely throughout MPLT.

The MoveJet permits to carry out MPLT at any alternative, like BP, PCP, ESP pump substitute, for the reservoir efficiency analysis and additional reservoir optimization workover by the identical workover rig. Suggested strategy in many of the circumstances resulted within the extra oil acquire at a single workover rig entry with the numerous value discount. Thus, as a substitute of “Like for Like” pump substitute workover an Operating Company beneficial properties extra oil together with the reservoir efficiency associated info.

As part of the package deal of Well-Reservoir Performance analysis with MoveJet pump, North Side performs Advanced Production Logging Survey utilizing trade recognized the HPT/SNL/MPLT and Spinnerless Production Profiling utilizing Company Temperature Simulation Software. During previous a number of years the Company gained the numerous expertise in horizontal and vertical oil producers and injectors of complicated completions the place described above know-how was completely confirmed.

Spinnerless Production Profiling and SNL

Array Spinnerless Production Profiling and SNL

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