It is mostly admitted that the world’s largest oil spill occurred in Kuwait through the Gulf conflict in 1991 the place round 10 million barrels of oil have been spilled. The Kuwaiti oil fires have been brought on by Iraqi navy forces setting fireplace to a reported 605 to 732 oil wells together with an unspecified variety of oil stuffed low-lying areas, comparable to oil lakes and fireplace trenches. The fires have been began in January and February 1991.
These numbers have been considerably adjusted downward by later, extra detailed research. So the world’s largest oil spill might be the Lake View gusher that occurred in Kern County, California, in 1911.
However the world’s largest oil spills come maybe from the endemic air pollution that has unfold over many years within the Siberian tundra and the Niger Delta. Unfortunately they aren’t measurable and no estimate may ever be made. They have been usually left unknown or silenced by poverty and politics.

List of the world’s largest oil spills of the oil historical past. Amounts are expressed in barrels (159 liters):

1- Russia (Chronic) No dependable information
2- Nigeria (Chronic) No dependable information
Three- Lake View Gusher, California USA (1911) 9,000,000
Four- Gulf conflict, Middle East (1991) 6,000,000
5- Deepwater Horizon, Gulf of Mexico(2010) Four,900,000
6- Ixtoc, Gulf of Mexico (1979) Three,300,000
7- Atlantic Empress, off West Indies (1979) 2,120,000
Eight- Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan (1992) 2,000,000
9- Kolva River, Russia (1994) 2,000,000
10- ABT Summer, off Angola (1991) 1,900,000
11- Nowruz, off Iran (1983) 1,900,000
12- Castillo de Bellver, off South Africa (1983) 1,860,000
13- Amoco Cadiz, off France (1978) 1,620,000
14- Mt Haven, off Italy (1991) 1,060,000
15- Odyssey, off Nova Scotia, Canada (1988) 1,020,000

(Image: oil wells in fireplace, Kuwait, 1991/NASA)

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