The Encyclopedie de l’ Energie says: “How has Brazil moved from tough oil exploration with out very convincing outcomes to main offshore discoveries whose manufacturing is predicted to develop over the subsequent many years, putting Brazil among the many high eight world producers in 2040?”
The origins of the oil sector in Brazil is characterised by small-scale exploratory campaigns with no passable outcomes and with little governmental incentive.
The first file of oil exploration within the nation dates from the 19th century. During the Imperial Period, a decree was launched on June 30th of 1864, which granted Thomas Denny Sargent permission to extract peat, oil, and different minerals, both by himself or by an organization, within the Camamu and Ilhéus districts, province of Bahia, for 90 years.
In 1892, Eugênio Ferreira de Camargo acquired land that included an outdated coal concession in Bofete, São Paulo. Camargo then employed a Belgian scientist, Auguste Collon, to conduct analyses with him and report on the oil prospects. Camargo acquired a rig and drilled a nicely to a depth of 488 meters, from which two barrels of oil had been produced.
More than 10 years later, in 1907, the Geological and Mineralogical Service of Brazil (GMSB) was established to hold out actions associated to grease exploration. GMSB drilled greater than 60 wells in a number of Brazilian states. However, most of those had been unsuccessful.
Brazil’s first oil discovery was not made till 1939 and the primary industrial area in 1942, each onshore within the Reconcavo basin within the northeastern a part of the nation. The discovery inspired the National Petroleum Council, CNP to proceed exploratory work within the Reconcavo Basin, the place different discoveries had been made in Candeias – a primary industrial nicely was drilled in 1941, Dom João and Água Grande.
After the discoveries in Bahia, drilling continued on a small scale, regardless of the rising demand for oil and oil merchandise within the nation. National manufacturing presently was solely 2,700 barrels per day, whereas the consumption was roughly 170,000 barrels per day,
In 1953 Petrobras was created. The nation’s first refinery started operations in Rio de Janeiro in 1961. Until 1965, Petrobras was profitable within the exploration of the small coastal onshore basins within the Bahia state, but oil output was just one third of what the nation wanted and it was determined to start out exploration of the offshore basins. Seismic and gravity knowledge had been obtained in 1967 and the primary offshore nicely was drilled the subsequent yr within the Espirito Santo basin. The nicely drilled from the jack-up Vinegarroon in 50 m of water turned out to be dry. The first offshore discovery was made when a second nicely examined the continuity of manufacturing within the Sergipe-Alagoas basin in northeastern Brazil. Moving into new, little explored offshore basins proved to be difficult. Exploration drilling within the Campos basin began in 1971. After drilling 6 to 7 dry wells within the basin oil was found in limestone reservoirs at about three,100 m complete depth.
The first big oil accumulation offshore Brazil, the Marlim area, was found in early 1985.
In July 2006 Petrobras discovered oil in a brand new exploratory frontier, after drilling the primary nicely on the block BM-S-11, under greater than 2.000 meters of a salt layer, in a water depth of two.140 meters, 250 km from the south coast of Rio de Janeiro. (The first pre-salt discoveries occurred in Angola’s in block 9 in 1983)
The discovery of Lula area (Tupi prospect) within the pre-salt formation in 2007, thought of as one of many largest on the planet within the final three many years, opened a brand new section within the Brazilian oil sector.
(Source: Petrobras/Wikipedia/GeoExpro/Deloitte/Encyclopedie de l’Energie – P-II drillship at Garoupa area in 1974)

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